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Welcome to SPAMCO Waste Management

Spamco Limited offers a range of Waste Management Services to ensure our clients are compliant with all current legislation. Recently relocated from London to Stockenchurch - just off the M40 at junction 5 - we are in the process of expanding our recycling capabilities for Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment. Having been granted permission by the Environment Agency, we are now able to process WEEE at our site and recycle the various components. Having been in the Waste management business for 20 years, Spamco Ltd has a large client base mainly in London but we offer our services nationwide.

We have our own vehicles and ADR qualified drivers for the collection of Hazardous, Difficult and General Waste and our in-house DGSA - Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor & Chemist ensure that all hazardous waste is properly segregated, packaged and transported to licenced sites as required by current legislation, using the correct paperwork. The services we provide include: Provision of Waste Storage containers Collection and safe transportation of waste, Treatment of Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment for recycling, free site surveys to obtain inventories of waste prior to providing quotations, offering advise on the correct storage and segregation of waste, amongst others.

We ensure that all waste collected is transported to licenced facilities, where it is processed safely, responsibly and as required by current legislation and we aim to deliver a friendly, quick & reliable service, no matter what size the job is.

If you wish to view our environmental aspects information please contact us.